Terms for Custom Work


Craftvolt Solutions, carries out custom work for Buyer, who need some bespoke development work done. Custom work can be a part of an existing product or service that we sell or can be an independent product or website or mobile application whatsover in nature

The Buyer has to make a 100% advance payment before the start of custom work, or as agreed between both the parties the Buyer and Craftvolt Solutions. Craftvolt Solutions, will release work done to the Buyer, after receipt of 100% payment with zero dues

If there is any balance payment yet to be received from buyer, then we will host website, web services or custom softwares on trial server instead of main server, only after we receive full and clear payment from buyer, we will migrate to main server. Trial server has validity of only 7 days and same will expire at the end of this period, When Trial Server expires then the hosted  websites, web services or custom softwares will be also automatically suspended as they reside on this trial server. In order us to migrate all files to main server, Buyer has to clear all his pending dues in full with Craftvolt Solutions

If the custom work is a part of our existing product which is owned by Craftvolt Solutions, Then the same will also remain under our ownership even after completion of the custom work. We will include the custom work inside our existing product and going forward it will become part of our standard product. This helps in making sure that custom work remains supported by the company, and is not abandoned after completion of custom work

The Buyer is not allowed to resell or claim ownership of custom work, the product remains owned by Craftvolt Solutions, even after completion of the work. If the Buyer wants that the custom work should not remain under Craftvolt Solutions ownership after completion of custom work, there will be an exclusivity fee payable by the Buyer

The timelines for custom work will be communicated to the Buyer before the start of custom work. This will be a best-effort time estimate. There can be some variance in timelines. If that happens, the reason will be communicated to the Buyer by Craftvolt Solutions